For children

From that age

This is a question we are asking ourselves to make these procreators now in time.

Read in English not so long ago, all of the producers wondered how old their cubs had to cope with the keys to the car.

Today on the way, they face a more complicated quid: what life should they retain their real cell phone? The phone is the Griffin to an attack on the internet, without fences, with all the favors and risks involved.

 What stage is recommended for my child to have a phone

Removable in this report we can find out perceptions to provide consumption and convenience by small, not only changeable phones, but also video games and the Internet.

The tutor on the children and the removable phone

 aims to dedicate a scale of standards to the creators when it comes to get estrépitos of the news technologies. Counsels the procreators who, once you disburse an unstable child, consider the boy’s virility front, and encourage the generators to even reflect on the payment test solutions offered by both pre-paid phones and Agreement.

Apart from that, it is recommended that the creators stipulate corporals in the habit of shaky, avoiding the consummation of long reproofs, and avoiding that the children expose it out of optional their insights to the luxuries.

The agenda

 In addition, calls on the generators to spur children, as well as adolescents, to devote their time to play other applications with friends, such as the team to the free aspect, the lesson, or training.

Mexico is one of the countries

That has one of the big and ermosa Riquesa, with people onradas, caring and umirdes despite all that with a lot of magic.

Childhood in Mexico

Is going through a great emergency, because to talk about this is to remember moments of pain, abandonment, poverty, injustice and humiliation.

As we speak and debate about children, millions of children do not enjoy how that stage should be, millions of children in the streets trying to survive, millions of children being silenced by different circumstances of abuse, millions of children working in The streets to bring money to their homes.

In Mexico there are more than 40 million children

 of whom more than 40% have to leave the institutions of teaching to go to work, that exposes them to different dangers facing Mexico, which for many years has not been able to eradicate; As well as they are also exposed to different types of abuse.

In others it turns out to be very

Disturbing is the rapid growth of prostitution and child sexual exploitation, as 3 out of 10 children suffer any type of sexual harassment.

In México is  (very few) to know that they have different rights without

knowing what they entail and take advantage of these, going to different governmental institutions, demanding their rights and leaving in bad plan to their parents or guardians, when in fact the children, but in particular, adolescent child responsible for any anomaly.

Some help plans are being made for those children who need it, but it is not enough, Mexico needs to stop believing in the past custom and beliefs, we are in a time of evolution, but we have much backwardness, both socially and economically , but while society and the Government do not prioritize children and adolescents, not performance Mexico but all Latin America will remain stagnant in recognizing the rights and daily practice of these.

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