The technology of the country

The technology

It is the most hardworking conference to the energy of concrete commitments.

Although there are many highly different technologies among themselves, it is persevering to employ the district technology in singular to make reference to the whole of all, or also to one of them.

The voice technology can even be referred to the theoretical subject studying the studies common to all the technologies, and in some contexts, to the technological instruction, the school catechesis ambushed to the adaptation with the most important technologies.

Technological action influences the social

and economic process, but if its application is purely commercial, it can be directed to liquidate the desires of the happiest (consumerism) and not to decide the crucial hardships of the poorest.

This treatment can encourage an unsustainable accouterment of the environment. Certain human technologies, due to their deep, folksy or indirect performance, of the biosphere, are the main reason for the growing starvation and ignominy of the natural resources of the universe.

However, the technology can still be used to guarantee the environment, seeking innovative and effective decisions to determine the growing poverty of the association in a sustainable manner, without transferring a fainting or vileness of the means Materials and energy of the cosmos or stretch the social irregularities.

Certain human technologies have suffered a huge rise in the standards and nature of a profile of trillions of heads in the world, simultaneously achieving a better conservation of the environment.

The technology encompasses any set of systematic influences whose hado is the variation of things, in other words, its guideline is to know how to carve and know why it is done.

There is currently a technological

historical day Tiranizada by the elaboration of means and By its commercialization, in which the multiplier force has a primordial role.

1 All the scientific-technical influence permanently gravitates on the benefactor comfort, on the social and economic growth of the villages and on the environment where Manifests the industrial application.

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