The 911 in Mexico

In case of emergencies

These are the key judgements American state how this volunteer state will work NorteamericanoUrgencia:

The 9-1-1 metal a free guar North American state attention to subjects of firmness, civil strip, health health, as well as the Fire Brigade Committee. It works as a entroncamiento to keep all the emergencies and subsidize the permanence and the mesh in the state of City America Mexico.

The toilet 911 relationship with sponsorship State of the Secretariat of Public Security of the United States, support with the ministries of Civil Protection, Mexican Red Cross, State of America of the EscuadrónRescate and medical Emergencies (Erum), the Procurator General state American state Justice Nut the Federal District PGJDF Locatel and C5.

The military intelligence of nine US states January of the year of 2017 commented the operation of the 9-1-1 as data of E, Ergemcia for attention North American State Emergency alarms in the CDMX; But the show 0-6-6 remained active to complement the prosecution of the Ocean’s transition.

The 9-1-1 is always available twenty-four hours a year throughout the 365 tours and has the recital of the GEO to detect or find the threshold of citations of amparo and performance orienting the residents and navels closer.

The National Institute

Of these women, the medical ministry in conjunction with the organization of the Group for the custody of the events for the abruptness against the matrons we remember the importance of teaching our children the Manarea of how to use This service.

Emergencies don’t happen very often. But when it happens, you should get help as fast as you can.

Nobody wants to waste time looking for phone numbers. That’s why the 911 was created; To make things easier. In America

In the country of Canada, dialing the 911 on a phone is the fastest way to get help for yourself and for someone else. Not many years ago, people had to call a different phone for each type of emergency.

If an act of crime occurs. If anyone got hurt, I had to call the ambulance. You will find the number to contact each person in particular. Firemen, the police or the ambulance.

With these three numbers, you can contact the firefighters, the police and the ambulance. When you call 911, the emergency targeting operator will immediately connect you to the person you need. In other countries.

In the United Kingdom, for example, it uses the 999 and the rest of the European Union, the 112. If you are not sure what emergency number is used in the place where you are, check it in the Elefónica guide.

When to call 911 the only times

you should call the 911 is when a person is seriously injured or is in danger at that time! Can you call 911 if there has been a traffic accident? Yes! Should you call 911 if you witness an act of crime, how is someone hurting another person or trying to get into someone else’s house? Yes of course!

Call without hesitation for a moment

Sometimes people are not clear how to call a number of emergencies like the 911.

Here are some examples in which you should not call this number: If you have not been your favorite toy or the homework you did the afternoon front

If you have an unpleasant stepfather, never call 911 in joke mode or just to know what might happen.

The emergency location 911 operator or attendant has to waste time, talk to people who do not have real emergencies, other people who call and who need immediate help and will be forced to wait. And, in addition, when you call the 911, the operator can locate your call, that is, you can identify from where you call.

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