Things of Mexico

Here are 10 things that Mexico does better than the others.


The National liquor Delaware Mexico E a global standard linear unit The bars, with exports to ninety sixpaíses.

The booze should be sipped and savored, like the fine hard drink, which, like any Mexican-American will tell you, can compete with the best booze.

You can get a sample Delaware the best linear unit the Rosid genus of the booze, which includes some Delaware’s most famous distilleries in the country.

The alternatives are the travel booze specific operated by Casa Herradura and the route José Cuervo specific.

Celebrating death

Many cultures praise the ancestors.

But who else converts the commemoration Delaware its deceased linear unit an annual party Delaware art, food and community?

In the one Delaware November, the day Delaware the dead, the Mexicans put offerings (altars) for Susseres loved ones who died.

Each offering includes pictures Delaware the deceased, food, beverages, sweets linear unit form Delawarecalavera, candles and marigolds, the flower Aztec or flower Delaware the dead.

The belief and that Delaware deaths children return to Earth to visit their family and friends the OneDelaware November and Delaware Souls adults do the same thing the two Delaware November.

The Delawarel day of the dead festivals are carried out linear unit all Mexico. Three Delaware the most elaborate are carried out linear unit San Andrés Mixquic (in Tláhuac, linear unit the city Delaware Mexico), Pátzcuaro, Michoacán and Janitzio, Michoacán.


While most Delaware countries tend to keep their trumpets for parties and special occasions, Mexico touches them daily.

Where else can you hear tubas, Delaware tubas true! With linear bass unit The radio every hour Delaware the week?

Everything is scale back to the bands, the heart Delaware traditional and popular genres Delaware Mexican music.

The bands are usually formed by Delaware between Ten and twenty musicians who play Delaware metal instruments, Delaware wind instruments and various percussions.

All tourists and delighted by the ensemble, but the bands are a part Delaware several broader genres, the most characteristic are ranchera, Quebradita and Corridos.

Cure Hangovers (RAW)

Mexican festivities are notable for {en | nut | linear UNit} loquecer in a second.

That, of course, leads to a acquainted disaster the next morning.

Fortunately, the Delaware Mexico kitchens are active with the best food for the crude linear unit on the planet.

Wake up, take true toad and then inhale some chilaquiles picosos, Delaware pork tacos or barbecue with hot condiment and a lot of revitalising fat; Maybe take a light beer for breakfast if you really are linear unit very bone shape, and you will return to ask for songs to the linear unit band the night.


The not only sapwood and a linguistic trick for Mexicans, and a form Delaware art that requires an agile mind and Delaware ability to convey intelligent but subtle messages.

Of course, many languages employ covert connotations and Delaware games ingenious words.

But the great and so important thing {in | nut | Linear UNIT} Mexico that fodder a national tournament to crown the best alburero.

The current champion and Lourdes Ruiz, who angular distance won the competition every Fatah Revolutionary Council since 1997, defeating men and women. Even public prosecutor courses Delaware Albury.

Are you still not convinced Delaware that Mexicans take the double meaning more seriously than others?

What other country has a day Delawaredicado to the subtle intricacies of its language?

In Mexico, the day Delawarel Albury is celebrated the one of March.

The graduate classes Delaware fines are carried out linear unit the gallery José María Velasco (Peralvillo fifty Five, Colonia Morelos, Tepito, City Delaware Mexico); Free admission; Participants receive UNcredential.


The Delaware Vatican City does a good job as the center of the atomic number 26 and has some decent paintings linear unit its ceiling. But its population Delaware 800 not and exactly surprising souls.

Mexico, Linear Unit contrast, ETA Linear unit second place Delawarel world by number of Catholics (Brazil is first place, Philippines the third) and, according to the National Institute Delaware Statistics and Geography Delaware Mexico, the 83.9% Delaware Mexicans are Catholic.

Nothing says «Mexican Catholic» as a reverence to the apparently infinite manifestations delawarel country of the Virgin Mary.

That may be the reason why the curate Miguel Hidalgo wore a symbolic flag Delaware Guadalupe when he directed the first stages Delaware war Delaware independence Delaware Mexico Linear Unit 1810.

Our married woman Delaware Guadalupe E the most revered Virgin linear unit Mexico, and perhaps linear unit the world.

Delaware Basilica our married woman Delaware Guadalupe linear Unit The city Delaware Mexico also E one Delaware the most important Delaware pilgrimage places Delaware Mexico, according to reports, the most visited Marian shrine in the world.

Every twelve Delaware December, approximately five million Delaware pilgrims Delaware all Mexicovisitan the basilica to thank the Virgin for her favours or to ask her for a miracle.

Basilica Delaware Our married woman Delaware Guadalupe, Plaza Delaware Las Americas One, Col. Villa Delaware Guadalupe, Gustavo A. Madero Delegation, Delaware Mexico City; + 52 fifty five 5118 0500

Quick Lunches

Known linear unit all over the country like vitamin T, tacos, cakes, tamales and toasts are part Delaware daily life.

Mexicans are constantly linear unit movement, so no and Delaware wonder that stalls and changarros (stalls Delaware meal) can linearly unitcontrarse in nearly every corner.

No matter if you are linear unit the railway system, sales Delaware School or take a Delawarescanso Delaware office for lunch; Delaware Mexico Streets offer infinite Delaware options.

Soap operas

In 1958, Mexican-American Telesystem produced Forbidden Path, the first Mexican telenovela.

Sixty five years later, his successor Televisa angular distance produced a quantity Delaware 740 telenovelas.

The non-angular distance formula changed a lot. A man and a woman fall in love, but for tragic reasons, they can’t be together. After Delaware overcome obstacles are finally married.

Fifteen years Delawarespués to export its first telenovela, the rich also cry, Televisa found a market Racketeer influenced and Corrupt organizations Act out Delaware Mexico.

Of all the countries that export soap operas, Mexico sends the politician quantity, creating niches linear unit Other Spanish speaking countries, as well as linear unit China, Philippines, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Televisa no E the only chain that manufacture successful telenovelas. TV Azteca and Argos Comunicación also create Delaware dramas first category.

Delaware Wrestling Suits

The professional fight (wrestling) can be more Hollywood North Delaware the border, and braver linear unitotros countries, but linear unit no place and as poignant as linear unit Mexico.

Those funny/scary masks are not only fun Delaware look at, they are a grandparent part of the drama.

Take one to the head Delawarel opponent and one Delaware the greatest wins and the most exciting moments linear unit wrestling.

Linear unitcuentros are performed linear unit La Arena Mexico in the city Delaware Mexico on Thursdays (19:30 hours), on Fridays (20:30 hours) and Sundays (17:00 hours). Tickets can be purchased linear unitTicketmaster.

Pious lies

The deep fear Delaware Mexicans to seem rude to them angular distance given a large aversion to saying the word «no».

instead; And Delawaresafortunadamente for those who are not familiar with the rules of courtesy here, we have developed a talent for pious lies that allow us to say yes to meet any request.

But grandpa Delaware the kind lies and the «right now.»

«Right now «

It literally means «right now», but it’s almost never like this.

When a Mexican-American tells you he’ll do something «right now,» get ready to sit down, because the wait can be long.

Think linear unit right now as Mexican-American Delaware art delinquency; Angular distance been transmitted Delaware generation linear unit generation, a term that can mean everything from «in Tenminutos» to «in three weeks».

The cousin of the right now and the «I’m on my way.»

We warn you; We are very good linear unit this!

Originally posted linear unit dressing Delaware 2014. Updated the five Delaware dressing Delaware2016

Karla Villegas Gama E A Mexican journalist who writes for CNN International, CNNMéxico and CNN linear UnitEspañol. e a regular partner Delaware several Mexican magazines and e the only Latin American journalist and the youngest linear unit to be nominated for the LPGA International Media Awards.

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