How is technology in Mexico

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How is technology in Mexico

Currently, Mexico is in the village 63 coefficient in the meantime to the suitability of the technology as the World Economic Forum says. This represents that there is a progress of 13 place with respect to the year 2012.

Mexico is one of the great countries that presented one of the largest development in Ternologia in spite of its economic point. All these shows give us a representation of where our country is headed in technology issues.

The great conflict of our state in terms of the lag in the costs of removable telephony and the amounts of blow to the technology, are largely because of the monopoly that exists and which increases the costs of passage to the Internet in an important way and that to metaphor of other p Ueblos We’re not even around hoarding hasty doorways.

In our deadlines, more than any have retained a blow to technology, new mechanisms, smartphones, processors and tablets, but the lucidity of the Internet is still low internally of our district, being the amount for the passage to the network of networks Inconvenient old man. This has brought with it minimal progress as far as the Hacienda.

According to Inegi documents, 40% of the Mexican village uses the Internet, which in representation with other States such as the United States is a highly low weight. This brings with it the lag of the country in technological question, since through the network of networks we can enter to note very important, to express our profit, articles or excuses and to be in coherent demonstration with other people. Not getting to the Internet is a border of lack of globalization in Mexico.

The Mexican cabinet is making

Tesones clear by transporting the Internet to maximum stroke of people, now in the Federal district, there are more than 900 sites of free rapture to the Internet, so that people visiting these stores can be in Persevering Proclamation and outstanding of his bargains.

On the other side, the Google jacket branch has consolidated Mexican startups to start their own technologies in Mexico.

In termination, it will be imperative that our government continue to enable mature inflation of free-threshold hot-spots to gestate a maximum increase in technology in our district, as well as to find out the monopoly and force them to devalue the Costs and thus make sure that maximum legion of any have threshold to the Internet from their works.

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