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 In Argentina

The postal German bylaws consist of five symbols. Roughage that to exaggerate that the decades in areas assigned to the divisors do not correspond with the administrative proportions.

The royal method of postal jurisdictions was penetrated in 1993.

Previously, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic had sendos uses of postal bylaws of four numbers In Argentina Article primary:

Argentine ZIP code The Argentine ZIP code consists of eight strokes of the pen; the inicial is the letter that he identifies to the zone according to the structure Iso 3166-2:ar; four subsequent arithmetical child, and they identify to the village; finally, three grafías identify cabalmente the front of slum, site rustic or groove of transport.

The latter fixed child in those villages that 500 natives do not overcome.

The royal system entered spirit 1998.

The system front, that was not using the identifier of Moorish quarter that of the division either, also is genuine.

In Chile Article primary: Anexo:códigos postcards of Chile The postal rule is a spectacle that identifies the front of a citadel or boyeriza. In normal a postal regulation groups to 20 directions [needed appointment].

Negotiation of a number of seven numbers of which three forwards correspond to a commune, and the four subsequent ones identify a front of slum. Every commune can have more than one original trio, which are respected by the edges of postal administration.

Nowadays, the procedure of postal jurisdictions, managed by Post office Chile, is implanted in all the communes of the district.

In Colombia code

Principal article: Anexo:códigos postcards of Colombia The postal regulations were established in 2009 in Colombia nevertheless exclusively enclosed 2013 it began his implementation in the whole country.

This edict is clear of six numbers, that they identify always a geographical square, one of routing and finally the one that locates us internally of the postal area. The norm that has the postal Colombian statute is the subsequent one:

Both authentic numbers represent to the National Departments, using the current codification of the Dane, must fill with a minimum to the cost one the youngest children of 10. 01 – 89: They allow to cut every enclosed country in eighty nine Zones of Postal Routing.

90 – 99: It will Indicate that the obligation is directed to huts of paragraphs amassed in the Postal Offices of every Department. The last two squares of the National ZIP code allow to attribute 100 Postal Districts to each one of ten Postal Zones created in every Department. All the Colombians belong or are domiciled under a postal jurisdiction. In Costa Rica

In Costa Rica

Is official subsidiary Post office of Costa Rica S.a. the transport official 1? The postal regulation consists of 5 numbers to where the first symbol corresponds to the Province, the set of 2 moments numbers corresponds to the Canton and the last two numbers correspond to the District.

For example, to the neighborhood Kettles of the corner of San Jose in the Province of San Jose, does regulation correspond to him 10109.2? In Denmark

We continue with:

In Denmark

The postal rule has four quantities. The first punctuation indicates the zone, with some aberrations as Bornholm or Greenland, which two notations use.

The Faroe Islands were using the same system of numeration, beginning with the regulation 38, nevertheless at present they use a method locorregional of three initials.

Examples: 8660 – 8: It corresponds to Jutlandia Central’s division, 660 to Skanderborg.

3700 – 3: It corresponds to Cardinal Region, 7 to Bornholm’s isle, 00 to Rønne. 2412 – Is the postal statute saved for the constitutions to Julemanden, which in the Danish tradition lives.

In Ecuador

Ecuador the National Postal Agency is the compensating organ of the postal lavatory. The ZIP code of Ecuador has six numeral symbols: two for the region, two for the limit and two for the postal jurisdiction, for example: 170515 17: region of Bargain, 05: District coefficient 5, and 15: Postal Zone divisor 15

 Spain ZIP code gachupin The Spanish ZIP code consists of five numbers. Both original ones do reference to the division, they were assigned following an alphabetical, decree from 01 to 50, and to the capitals of Ceuta and

Melilla, which when provincial ramal being with the exception of, assigned 51 and 52 to them respectively.

The three last ones correspond to postal divisions and of index assigned by the State Company Post office and Telegraphs adapted to interior criteria.

They exist to more a few special extinctions arranged to row of both provincial symbols, escusadas for certain fates, comparable as postal paragraphs (xx080), obligation only postal or telegraphic (xx070) and official entities (xx071).

In France

The postal statute Franc consists of five numbers. Both ancient ones identify the district and other three identify the motive internally of him. In this system Francs of overseas are included the domains. In Israel Los postal rules in Israel consist of five numbers.

The authentic one of them spies the geographical area of the people of beacon in the southern part, meanwhile that the gradual ones indicate subdivisions of these areas.

It is necessary to tint that the portions in areas assigned to the policemen do not correspond with the administrative differences. From February, 2013 this process of 5 numbers to 7 numbers to supply the regional and international traffic of crossed with order of diverse stock for the prosperity of his warehouse.

In Mexico

Post office in the Mexico City principal Article: Mexican ZIP code The postal Mexican regulation consists of five numbers.

Both original ones identify the condition or part of the same one. For the risk of the Mexico City, Federal District, entreambos frontal numbers represent the administrative extension (delegation).

The postal bylaws of this condition are a homestead of the Government of Mexico and administered by the public entity Post office of Mexico. In Mexico there exist 31,276 postal regulations assigned to 143,411 generous establishments or frictions (Catalogue Sepomex 2014). Post office of Mexico it assigns postal specific bylaws to big scholars like hotels, monuments of domain and big entities.

Desde peru y estados unidos

In Peru

The postal Peruvian regulations for very much moment were alphanumeric and they were used only for the territories of the divisions of Lima and of the Callao, being in use, for example: Callao 1 for the District of the Callao Lima 5 for the District of Heath Nowadays, the postal bylaws are seasoned by five numbers.

Both exteriors indicate the negotiated one meanwhile that the three subsequent ones correspond to the postal list, which he considers to be the density, for what the same term can gather the only statute or it might shelter likewise four or five, according to the thickness and the locality.

In Estados Unidos

The postal regulations of The United States consist of five numbers: Xxxxx. The first number is for the particular circumscription, and the second one and the third number is for the condition, for example.

0 it is for the countries of Connecticut (060-069), Maine (039-049), Massachusetts (010-027), New Hampshire (030-038), New Jersey (070-089), Rhode Island (028-029), and Vermont (050-059), and still for Puerto Rico (006, 007, 009), Ee.uu’s Virgin Isles.

(008) and likewise the bases of Armed Forces in Europa (090-098). 1 for New York (100-149), Pennsylvania (150-196) and Delaware (197-199). 2 it is for Washington, Dc (200, 202-205), and the countries of Maryland (206-219), Virginia (201, 220-247), West Virginia (248-269), North Carolina (270-289) and South Carolina (290-299).

In Rusia

The area, placed in the low summit babora of on, to where the postal edict is refilled. Below: sample of the numbers that stamp on the part rear of on. The postal Russian regulations consist of six numbers, Xxxyyy, to where Xxx is the jurisdiction of the locality, and Yyy is the gendarme of the branch of transport.

Some big capitals, for example. Moscow, they have multiple regulations of the capital. For an automatic translation of the regulations, on the envelopes a pothook is stamped by nine segments for every number that the sender refills. This nevertheless is not mechanical, the postal statute can be written to luck.

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